If you’re launching a new business or you have a promotion running on your existing business and would like to get your business in front of your target audience. Why not try ‘Leaflet Marketing’???

With the internet being at the forefront of todays marketing solutions for many companies, online marketing campaigns can get diluted and therefore the power of leafleting should not be dismissed.  Direct marketing can still be a very effective way of communicating with your customers if you know how to carry it out.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website reports that as many as 79% of recipients either keep, pass onto a friend or glance over the content. Your brand and contact information is at the forefront and in the hand of your target audience.

When looking at leaflet marketing we would recommend running a promotion that has an incentivised call to action so it gives your customers a reason to get in touch, like a 20% off voucher off a product or service, 2 for 1 tickets for an event only redeemed within a set period. Using techniques such as custom coupon codes, track-able URLs, you can see exactly where each of your leads have come from which is a great way of evaluating what works and what not to do again in your marketing strategy. 

If Leaflet Marketing is something you are thinking of for your business get in touch we can work out an effective strategy for you.